Model Trains | Rolling Test Stand

A rolling test stand is a really nice tool to have. I have had one made by KFC-Zeller in Germany for years but I was not using mine because it was not installed permanently.

I modified it to permanently install it on my workbench ready to use

The STL files for the blocks are available on my GitHub if you want to make one for yourself. All that you need is some 3mm and 6mm linear rods. The trolleys can be found on AliExpress. (search for: Track Roller Test Stand)

DCC | Packet Analyzer

DCC is a digital signal and therefore black magic and wizardry to a lot of old-school model railroaders out there.

But when you take a closer look it’s not that hard to understand. It’s all bits and bytes in a certain order that actually make perfect sense.

So let’s take a class at the Hogwarts School of DCC Wizardry. I have made a video about DCC Packets. In this video, I’ll analyse the DCC packet stream using cheap USB logic analyser. And using the NMRA DCC standard will show that it truly is quite simple and life doesn’t have to be analog.

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LocoNet | Arduino Interface

Since I don’t really have space for a model rail layout, I tend to mess about with small model rail related projects. One of the aspects about model rail I genuinely enjoy is the automation side. Interfacing the physical with the digital world is a heck of a lot of fun. Using European Uhlenbrock equipment goes hand in hand with LocoNet.

Loconet is part of a DCC train control system designed by Digitrax to control a model train layout. LocoNet is a Peer to Peer Local Area Network (LAN) designed for very high traffic capacity and free-form wiring as well as future system expandability and ease of upgrade. It is a separate circuit from the track power used to run model trains.
Digitrax developed LocoNet to handle the communications between throttles, stationary decoders, and other devices that need to communicate with the command station.

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