When Pigs Fly | Road Test

  • Is it a good idea to stick weld an old bicycle frame..? Hell no!!
  • Is it doable to hack, cut and weld your own bike..? Maybe?
  • Is the frame still straight..? Hell no!! (wasn’t to start out with)
  • Is it legal..? Hell no!!
  • Is it in need of a rear break..? Probably
  • Is it save..? Hello no!!
  • Is it running?.. Hell yes!!
  • Is it fun?.. HELL YES!!


When Pigs Fly | Front Brake Hub

Mounting a brake hub using tie-warps isn’t the brightest of ideas. So it needed a permanent solution.
img_0890Ground down a piece of square iron and welded it to the springer fork. This holds the brake backing plate in place.

img_0875Made a new tank and temporarily fixed the front brake. Also made a horizontal seat stem.