MQTT | OLED Controller (The Prototype)


Working on the prototype stage for the OLED MQTT controller I had to make some decisions. One of them was that the MP121 capacitive touch sensor wasn’t going to cut it.

I just wasn’t convinced that it would be able to work reliable through a few mm’s of plexiglass. So I turned to SketchUp and designed a front a best as I could. Turned out to be quite intuitively and thanks to 3D hubs I had it printed in ABS and on my desk in 2 days.

The print has some design errors that I will fix in the next version but I have to wait for all the parts to come in to make sure everything fits.

The slave Arduino and the WS2812b were also ditched in favor of an MCP23017 that is going to run the LEDs and buttons.

Will need to make a new PCB or maybe better a couple of small PCBs interconnected.

The final version will be printed at Shapeways in their Porcelain Ceramic Material.

A wooden IKEA BÅS Display box was used as a case. I don’t really like the color so I’ll paint it with varnish later on to match the woodwork in the rest of the house.

Covered the box with some paper tape to protect it during cutting.

Measure twice cut once.

Mounted the OLED and rotary encoder.

Now I’ll have to wait for the 12mm buttons to arrive.

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